• Case Studies

    A customer is suffering from IBS.

    Patient – Hello, I suffer from IBS and don’t really know what to take in case of diarrhoea. Medicated solutions work but I cannot really take them all the time.

    Pharmacist – You can try Dioclear. I can be used in case of chronic conditions. It will help rebalance your intestinal functions and adsorb excess liquid.

    Patient – Is it really ok for me?

    Pharmacist – Yes Dioclear is gentle and will help rebalance your intestinal functions reducing pain and stool output. It is made with diosmectite, an effective clay, that has been used around the world for generations. It is a favourite in many countries and is a key solution in France.

    Patient – ok, I will give it a go.

    A traveller needs solutions for stomach bugs.

    Patient – Hello, I am planning to travel around the world for the next few months and need to get prepared for mild problems that will not require a doctor. I dread getting diarrhoea.

    Pharmacist – Diarrhoea can effectively be a real problem while travelling, when you don’t know when and if it will strike. You can take Dioclear with you. It will help treat diarrhoea fast by adsorbing bacteria and viruses and rebalancing intestinal functions.

    Patient – Are there side effects of using Dioclear as I always thought that diarrhoea treatments could cause constipation, trapping the germs inside?

    Pharmacist – you will not have that problem with Dioclear. It adsorbs bacteria and viruses allowing your body to get rid of them naturally. And as it helps rebalancing intestinal functions, your stool output will quickly go back to normal.

    Patient – Is it easy to use?

    Pharmacist – Yes you just need to pour the sachet in 100ml of liquid or semi-liquid content. I also advise you buy some rehydrating salts to take with Dioclear to avoid any risk of dehydration.

    Patient – I will take both.

    A mum is concerned with her child’s diarrhoea.

    Patient – Hello, my boy has just started school and has fallen sick. He is 5 years old and has had diarrhoea since last night. What can I do?

    Pharmacist – The most important is to prevent dehydration with rehydrating salts. I would also advise you give him Dioclear alongside the salts to treat the diarrhoea and reduce the length of the problem.

    Patient – Dioclear? I did not know that a diarrhoea treatment existed for kids. It would be so helpful as I need to go back to work.

    Pharmacist – It is a new treatment in the UK extensively used around the world and can be used by all from one. It is a natural clay, diosmectite, that will adsorb the excess liquid and virus in the guts and rebalance the normal intestinal function allowing the stools to normalise.

    Patient – Sounds good and even better if I can also use it! Is it really effective?

    Pharmacist – Yes, it is clinically proven and prescribed by doctors worldwide. It is a good adjunct to rehydrating salts and will allow your child to get better quickly.

    Patient – And what about the taste? He is very fussy?

    Pharmacist – It has a pleasant orange flavour. So you should not have any problems. It your child does not get better after 2 weeks or gets worse, you should go and see your GP.

    Patient – Ok. I will try Dioclear with the rehydrating salts.