Meet the Characters

The Dioclear family is just like any other, working parents and children keen to learn and play. With two children in school and a toddler about to start nursery, dealing with viruses and bacteria is part of their everyday life! This is why they always have a pack of Dioclear in the bathroom cabinet or when travelling, to deal with the diarrhoea at first sight, fast. Meet the Dioclear family!

dad Meet Daddy Dave. 

Dave is a family man. His children are his world, which is why he joined the PTA for their local school, to make their learning environment a better place.

When Dave isn’t helping out at the school, he travels around the world for business. This is where Dioclear helps his work life.

Having such a wide range of countries to visit, he never knows when the different foods and environments will get the better of his immune system. He carries Dioclear in his briefcase wherever he goes as a fast and effective solution to a potential diarrhoea crisis.




Meet Mummy Lizzie.

Lizzie works from home, running a successful cupcake company.

She balances her work life with getting the kids ready and off to school and having dinner on the table as soon as they are home.

Lizzie has Dioclear in her bathroom cabinet for diarrhoea emergencies as she cannot have sick children and contamination around all of those delicious cupcakes!




Meet Olivia.

Olivia is a keen teen footballer.

She has a shelf filled with trophies in her bedroom and she cannot afford to miss a single match if she wants to continue to win!

If she gets sick, her mum gives her Dioclear as it gets to work immediately and she can still score goals!




Meet Liam.

Liam is an 8 year old genius.

Liam loves to learn and be at the top of all of his classes and never fails to achieve.

However he does have one hurdle to face; IBS.

Lizzie gives Liam a sachet of Dioclear in his backpack to take to school in case of an emergency, helping him maintain his genius status.


a toy


Meet Alfie.

Alfie has just hit the terrible twos.

Anything he can get his hands on goes into his mouth or gets touched and picked up.

To avoid an upset baby, at the first sign of diarrhoea, he is given a sachet of Dioclear stirred into semi-liquid lunch such as his favourite carrot and parsnip soup. The powder blends into the food, so he doesn’t even see or taste it.

This helps little Alfie keep learning about his surroundings and keep mum relaxed!