• What is Diosmectite?

    Dioclear contains diosmectite, an effective natural silicate clay used around the world to treat acute and chronic diarrhoea.

    Diosmectite works on the cause of the problem to treat diarrhoea fast and normalise natural intestinal functions.

    • It naturally adsorbs toxins, bacteria, and virus, preventing them from sticking to the intestinal membrane, allowing your body to fight the infection quicker.
    • It naturally adsorbs excess liquid in the intestine, reducing the severity and frequency of stool output.
    • It strengthens the mucosal barrier, and protects the intestine against toxins and contamination, working with your body to get and stay better.

    As diosmectite is naturally gentle and has a high tolerance, it is safe and effective for the whole family from the age of one. For more information about when to use Dioclear, please click here.